eXposer has an extensive list of features that are directly aimed at making it the most flexible and easiest to use linetester available on any platform.

  • aimed at any traditional animation technique
  • image quality independant of preview
  • handles all resolutions / aspect ratios
  • handles all frame rates
  • unlimited number of levels
  • handles any installed image format
  • outputs to any installed media file format (AVI, QuickTime)
  • dynamic GUI, using liblayout
  • loads frames into main memory to maintain playback speed
  • most actions are performed in a single mouse click
  • massive multi threading: capture, load files, work in the x-sheet, playback your animation - all at the same time!
  • merges levels in realtime
  • very fast and responsive GUI
  • compresses frames in memory
  • loads frames independant of x-sheets
  • plays soundtracks directly from disk
  • single window interface
  • unlimited undo / redo, even after saving to disk
  • no hidden functionality
  • multi document - work on any number of x-sheets at the same time, possibly all at different resolutions and / or framerates
  • comprehensive tool tips
  • fast interaction - no waiting!